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[community profile] dyedhair is a community dedicated to all types of hair dye, from natural to alternative.

(On this note, would [community profile] alt like to affiliate with [community profile] dyedhair?)
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I'd definitely like to make this community more active. I've been brainstorming some ways, but I'd like some input from the members!

Do you have any ideas or anything special you'd like to see here in [community profile] alt? I was thinking having one day of the week be set aside to show off piercings and one for tattoos, but I'm sure you guys have some other great ideas too!

I'd love your input. Don't be shy! Knowing what members want out of the community will help make it a success. I have been relatively inactive due to real life, and perhaps will be looking for another mod soon, but not quite yet. Until then, it's just me.

Let me know!
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I wanted to post a little something here to get things started and get the members of the community a little active, so here's a little survey for you guys to fill out and comment with your responses.

Do you have tattoos or piercings?
If yes, how many? Where did you get them?
Any interesting stories behind any of them?
What part of alternative culture are you most interested in?
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Welcome to [community profile] alt. My name is [personal profile] ashley, and I'm the maintainer here. When the community gets bigger, perhaps there will be some other maintainers, but for now, I think I'll do fine on my own.

This community is for anyone who loves tattoos, piercings and alternative culture. All posts that relate to anything alternative are acceptable, and posts looking for alternative friends to add to your Reading Page are acceptable as well.

You can post stories/pictures of your new tattoos and piercings, any news that you think is suitable for the alternative community, or hold discussions about anything relevant as well. Is there a new shop opening in your area? Let us know!

Just no completely off topic posts about Barbies or rainbows. That is, unless you're going to get a tattoo with Barbies and rainbows.


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