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Name:The Alt Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The place for anyone who likes anything "alternative."
This community is still under contruction layout-wise, but this is for anyone who likes anything alt. Come here to make new friends or to start a conversation about anything alternative that you think is interesting. [community profile] alt would also love artists who are interested in tattoos. We'd love to have some original flash in the community or even designed and scanned for members who are seeking new art. This could either be for free (very awesome), or you can ask for compensation through Paypal (a little less awesome, but still awesome).

Right now, the rules are pretty simple. Don't spam, please keep things alt-related unless you're making a post trying to find alt friends to add (which I believe is still alt-related), and please don't cause "drama" or instigate fights within the community.

Members should be at least 16 to view the material posted in this community, and all nudity/material suitable only for those 18+ should be under a cut tag with a warning. This isn't just for the underage kids, but it's also for those of us who like to browse Dreamwidth at work. Thank you.

Layout credit goes to [community profile] shifgrethor. Thank you!

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alt, alt models, alt porn, alternative, back pieces, bmezine, body piercings, burlesque, clothing lines, conch, dyed hair, emo, emo girls, emo glasses, gauges, godsgirls, hair dye, industrial, metal, piercings, rock, rook, scene, sex drugs rock n roll, suicidegirls, surface piercings, tattoo fonts, tattoo parlors, tattoo shops, tattoos, thrash, tramp stamps
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